Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital is equipped with state of art small animal surgery theatres. We use the safest sedative and anaesthetic protocols, and best quality suture materials. Small things matter a lot and always brings better outcomes.

Soft Tissue Surgeries
At Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital, other than performing every day surgeries like Spays and Castrations, we regularly perform surgeries such as:

1. Desexing dogs, cats and rabbits
2. Oral surgeries – Dental Scale and Polish and Oral masses
3. Ear Flush under general Anaesthesia
4. Lumpectomy – Removal of skin tags, skin masses, soft tissue masses,
5. Ear haematomas,
6. Aanal and perianal masses.
7. Intestinal Surgeries such as removal of foreign bodies or intestinal masses.
8. Abscess and wound reconstructions
9. Motor vehicle accident procedures
10. Caesarean Section
11. Pyometra Surgeries
12. Orthopaedic surgeries

We have arrangements in place with one of the best orthopaedic veterinary surgeons to perform orthopaedic surgeries at Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital.