Grooming and Hydrobath Service

We offer a custom-built grooming and hydrobath facility run by an experienced groomer who also works as a head veterinary nurse.

At Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital, we believe that it is very important to keep your pets well groomed and clean to avoid external parasite infestations on your pets and also in your house. Weregularly treat pet allergies that can be exacerbated if pets are not groomed and washed on a regular basis. Matted fur also can cause serious problems in pets, particularly in cats which can develop fur balls in their stomachs. Ear infections are very common in dogs due to overgrown hair around the inner ears. Many pets get grass seeds on to their coat which we do not see due to the long coat. These grass seeds often penetrate the skin and lead to infections. We have seen very bad cases of grass seed problems in many dogs.

When your pet comes to us for grooming, our groomer thoroughly checks for ear infection, overgrown nails, enlargement of anal glands and for skin infections. The groomer often calls the vet to seek the right advice for your pet. Our custom-built grooming and hydrobath facility hasan instant hot water supply. Our 100s of clients have been very happy with our work in the last 18 months. Our groomer has years of grooming and vet nursing experience.