Puppy Preschool

We understand how exciting things get when we plan to bring a new puppy home. We are here to emphasize the importance of acquiring adequate knowledge about raising a puppy – by providing appropriate food, preventive health measures (deworming, flea control, heartworm control and vaccination), and behavioural and command based training. Practicing combinations of husbandry and training together can turn any puppy into a perfect family dog.

We recognised the importance of puppy classes before building our veterinary hospital. Therefore, we have a spacious area with adequate seating arrangements for 10-12 puppy owners. You are more than welcome to bring your child with your puppy during classes. We make sure that every puppy is vaccinated, dewormed and free from contagious diseases before the commencement of class. We discuss almost every aspect of puppy development during our puppy classes. By the end of the course you will be happy with your puppy’s excellent manners.

Please ring us in advance to secure a place for your puppy.