Skin and Ear Allergy Consultations

At Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital, we have evidence-based understanding of pathophysiology of skin and ear diseases which enables us to develop taylored diagnostic and therapeutic plans. We use multiple approaches to control skin and ear infections/allergies, including examining environmental factors, food, drugs, herbal preparations and addressing the role of endocrine hormone imbalances. You will never regret our approach. We have done remarkable work on many pets who are living a healthy life these days. We regularly flush the ears under general anaesthesia to clean ears that are full of dry debris.

We take every case of skin problems quite seriously and wants to minimise your future vet visits for on going ear problems.

  1. Food allergy testing
  2. Environment allergy testing
  3. Food trials – Single Protein or Commercially Hydrolysed Foods
  4. Nonsteroidal Monthly Injections – Cytopoint
  5. Nonsteroidal daily oral medications
  6. Steroidal based tapering down therapy
  7. Long acting steroid injections
  8. Skin scrapings
  9. Ear swab Cytology
  10. Bacterial and fungal culture if needed
  11. Oral antibiotics, topical ointments and ear drops