Imaging – X-Ray and Ultrasound

Our Veterinary Hospital is equipped with one of the best digital X-Ray systems, which generates readable image in 3 seconds. We make need-based decisions to perform X-ray or ultrasound on your pets. Usually X-rays give us better details of bones, lungs, internal effusions, large masses or enlargements of internal organs. However, X-Rays are not a substitute for ultrasound. Ultrasound allows us to get fine details for internal lesions like abdominal lymph nodes, pancreatic lesions, masses and abscess in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, stomach, intestinal foreign bodies, and internal bleeding.

Ultrasound also is helpful in assessing urinary tract obstructions, uroliths, masses and cancer of the urinary bladder, and uterine diseases. We regularly perform these procedures at our hospital. Our ultrasound procedures are performed by a specialist veterinary ultra-sonographer within our premises. You should not give any food to your pet on the morning of these procedures.