About Us

We're a custom-built veterinary facility equipped with modern tools and experienced vets to deliver best care to your pets

At Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital, we practice the philosophy of “KARMA – what goes around comes around”. Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital has operated from November 2018 as an independent family business owned and operated by Dr Ram Naresh and his daughter Aduesha Naresh. We are great pet lovers and our house is blessed everyday with our Tibetan Mastiff dog, 2 Ragdoll cats, Eclectus parrot, rabbits, guinea pigs, fantail pigeons and so on. We will treat your pets like our own, with a high level of care and love.

Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital is a multipurpose modern veterinary facility, ready to cater for every need of your pets. We have been very mindful in designing the hospital, including the provision of separate consult rooms for large dogs, small dogs and a separate consult room and waiting area for cat owners.



Our areas of special interest

Soft Tissue Surgeries

Skin and ear problems due to allergies and infection

Licking and chewing paws

Osteoarthritis of elderly dogs

Orthopaedic Surgeries Referrals and in hospital

Diarrhoea and vomiting

Hyperthyroidism and chronic renal failure in cats

Behavioral disorders