Pet Emergencies

In-Hours Emergencies

We provide following emergency services during our open hours. If your pet is dealing with any of the emergencies please drive straight away to us without making an appointment. Please let us know by making a call when you are on the way so we can get ready to provide adequate care immediately after your arrival.

  1. Acute Vomiting or diarrhoea or both
  2. Trauma from vehicle accidents, falls, gunshot wounds
  3. Stroke and collapse from various reasons
  4. Seizure and Neurological Problems
  5. Choking/Breathing difficulties
  6. Insect bites
  7. Anaphylactic reactions/Acute allergies
  8. Snake bites
  9. Dog and Kitten whelping/pregnancies
  10. Heat Stroke
  11. Calcium Deficiency and milk fever in bitches
  12. Poison Ingestion – Rat Bait, Snail Pellets, Chocolate and drugs
  13. Unconsciousness
  14. Eye Injuries

After Hours Emergencies: Please contact following veterinary services

  1. WAVES Vet, /640 Beeliar Dr, Success. Phone: (08) 9412 5700
  2. The Animal Hospital Murdoch University, Nyarrie Drive, Murdoch. Phone: 1300 652 494