In House Pathology Laboratory

At Canning Vale Veterinary Hospital, we believe that it is essential to make an accurate diagnosis and to provide the best possible treatment on the spot. Where appropriate, we believe in adequate testing of blood, urine and/or faeces to develop an optimal treatment protocol. We are equipped with a state of the art IDEXX in house lab station which is capable of providing a full blood report, including blood cell count, and chemical parameters related to liver, kidneys, pancreas, inflammation/infection, thyroid and progesterone hormones in 20-30 minutes. We are also capable tof analysing urine specimens. Our compound microscope has been helpful for diagnosis of the mites and yeast from ear and skin infections.

We regularly perform fine needle aspiration from external masses and ultrasound-guided needle aspirations from internal masses. We send these specimens to IDEXX and Vetpath Laboratories for a specialist pathologist interpretation. Further, we use Vetpath and IDEXX labs for histopathology examinations to diagnose neoplastic masses (cancer).