Does your pet have a smelly breath?
It might be time for a dental check.

Unfortunately, one in three pets have some form of dental disease over the age of 2, and one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to keep their mouth healthy.

There are several ways that you can do this starting with an initial check-up at the clinic. From there we can make a dental plan with you to find the best and most convenient way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

When your pet comes in for a dental check we will be looking for bad breath, yellow or brown crust on your pet’s teeth, red and inflamed gums and loss of teeth. These signs can indicate that your pet might need further treatment like a scale and polish.

To cater for the best dental services, we are equipped with the following dental tools

  1. Elite LED Dental System – The latest addition dental care from the USA
  2. Ultrasonic Scaler – The Latest tool to clean dental tartar
  3. Vet -Tome extraction system – First time power operated pet dental extractor. This will minimise the procedure time and risk associated with anaesthesia

Dental X-Ray System – Coming soon. This tool will help us to do the right procedure.