Our Team

Dr. Emily Swan, BSc, BVMS (High Distinction)

Veterinary Doctor

As a 3rd generation vet in the Swan’s family, Emily has inculcated amazing veterinary and people’s skills. One of Emily’s grand parents was a vet and both her parents and younger sister are practicing veterinarians in the southwest of WA. Emily graduated as a veterinarian in 2015 from Murdoch University with high distinction. Emily’s dedication, honesty and caring personality brought every award to her as an undergraduate vet students at Murdoch University. Emily is the 5 times recipient of the Vice Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence from year one to five of her veterinary studies. Based on Emily’s clinical performance in small animal medicine and surgery, she received “The best performance award by the Australian Veterinary Association in 2015 as a year 5 veterinary student. Other than being keen in clinics, Emily has been equally interested in pursuing diagnostics workfor clinical cases, and she was honored with the Bernard J McSherry Prize in Veterinary Clinical Pathology as a vet student.

Emily has worked at one of the busiest 24/7 veterinary hospitals in Perth for 3 years. Just to challenge herself at international level, Emily travelled to Europe and worked in the UK for an year before returning back home in Feb 2020. There is a every fear that Emily may go back to UK. Just for this specific reason, we hope that UK airspace stays shut…………. We want this genius vet in our own land of WA. We have been blessed to have Emily as our team member since May 2020, working for 2-3 days a week. Emily’s hobbies include working in the UK, running, baking and enjoying music.

Emily is working with us for 2 days a week from May 2020. Purely due to personal reasons Emily will not be able to work with us from Feb 2021.